Concave Lens

Technical Data: Materials: Bk7, quartz, Caf2, crystal Diameter: 5 to 300mm Diameter tolerance: 0.01mm to 0.1mm Edge thickness: 1mm +/-0.10mm Focal length: 0.1% to 2% Surface quantity: 80/50 to 20/10 Centration: 1 to 3 arc minutes Fringes: 1 to 5 Coating: No or AR

Jollystar’s F-theta lens are accepted by LumiSource Technologies !

Jollystar has released its laser beam extender lens and F-theta lens for several months.  After the  most strict test, LumiSource Technologies announced that Jollystar’s laser extender lens and F-theta lens passed all the test now!  As a famous semiconductor laser devices manufacturer, LumiSource Technologies developped and manufactured many kinds of high quality laser equipments, such as Semiconductor laser devices ,  security laser products…