Beam Extenderlaser lens beam expander 4X -1064

The Laser Beam Expanders provide a low cost means of focusing and shaping laser beams with a high degree of accuracy. The beam expanders incorporate the highly regarded Tropel optical designs with improved adjustability and mounting. They are ideal for applications in which a small spot must be formed at some distance from the laser, or where the collimation range must be extended for illumination, or for alignment of distant objects. Wavefront distortion of less than λ/4 guarantees a minimum focused spot size even at long ranges. The lenses are antireflection coated with muti-layer optimized for 1064 nm, yielding transmission of over 97%.

Four expansion ratios are available, 4X, 10x, 20x, and 30x, each with a means for continuous focus change. As the power increases, the beam divergence decreases proportionately, providing a greater collimation range. These beam expanders can be conveniently attached to most lasers @1064nm.

Applications for Laser Beam Expanders include:
• Laser micromachining / Laser Processing
• Laser structuring of foils
• Laser Scribing
• Cutting of solar cells
• Micro drilling
• Laser Marking
• Lidar Systems
• Beam condensing
• Remote sensing
• Propagation studies
• Collimation of Laser harmonics
• Interferometers
• Collimation of High Power Lasers