Zhuorui Optics is one of the high-tech companies in China, which has specialized in the production of optical components with high quality. Its philosophy: “Quality is Life, Customer first!”. Best quality manufactured in-house. Since its foundation in 2007, enormous technical skills, extensive knowledge of manufacturing, as well as significant production flexibility has been established.

The production includes a wide range of lenses and complete systems for the following branches:
Laser and Photonics, Photography Lens, machine vision and optical measurement.

Featured Products:
F Theta Scan lens from 266nm to 1064nm including standard f theta scanning lens with scan fields up to 552mm *552mm. F Theta scan lens in glass and fused silica designed for high power lasers and short pulse pico and femtosecond lasers, Fixed and zoom beam expanders, Laser fixed focusing lens, Telecentric imaging lens, Custom optics, and optomechanical design and build for prototype and volume production.

Zhuorui Optics also offers custom development of complete optical systems, lenses or individual components to provide uncompromising solutions for specific applications.